High Definition iPhone 4 LCD Guard(front)(model: HD01)

Supreme Quality of Material, easy apply and remove for iPhone 4,
4H hardness and UV Protection.

The ultra clear High Definition LCD guard keeping your iphone screen face always looking new.

  • Easy Apply

        -Y+X screen guard glossy Adhesive Coating surface highly

        simulates the texture of the iPhone LCD screen enables

        Bubble-Free when it is applied.

  •  Easy Remove

         -Silicon Adhesive Coating (non-glue): Guaranty no residue leaves

          on LCD when removing the Y+X LCD guard.

  • 4H hardness

         -Anti-Scratch by using superme Quality PET Material.

  • UV Protection

         -Isolate 99% UV to and from LCD screen to reduce the strain of your eyes.

  • High Definition

         -keeping your iphone screen face always looking new

Thickness (mm)

  • 0.19 ±10%


  • 4H

Transperancy (HD model only)

  • 97%

Heat Resistance

  • 130°C for 2 hours

Operating Temperature

  • 80°C (max.)